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Property & Casualty Insurance

Our firm also specializes in Property and Casualty Insurance. We serve clients that have various needs including Commercial lines insurance, for anything related to your business, and  Personal Lines, for anything you need protected on the personal side of your exposure.

With these products, we are protecting things of value. They relate to the other parts of our business because they may have a connection to a loss or hardship that you may incur, losses that may devastate you financially if it were to happen.

We believe that the coverage for these potential losses needs to be protected, not with the cheapest price, but with the best value for price for which coverage is needed.

Our firm only does business with highly rated companies that have shown fair pricing for coverage selected, over a long period of time.

Client Centered

We understand that there are only so many dollars to go around, but we need to make smart choices, when purchasing property and casualty insurance. We have over thirty years of insurance experience now, and no one has ever complained about the premium at time of loss.

While not every loss is covered on every policy, we can usually find coverage that is suited for your needs. The worst thing an agent can say is that the loss is not covered.

Let us help you find the right coverage at a competitive price!