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Financial & Estate Planning

We view Financial Planning and Estate Planning as having two different purposes in the process of planning. They are very different from each other, but they have many commonalities, and are intertwined.

We spend a lot of time on these subjects including, getting to know what the clients want, the risk tolerance of their investments, as well as the things they want to preserve. As a matter of fact the majority of our time is spent listening to our clients tell us what they are looking for, and up to a point, on how they wish to get there.

Client Centered

We would estimate that we listen at least eighty-five percent of the time, and after we give recommendations to our clients, and we then implement an initial plan. We say initial because as we have found out, the plans often change course, for whatever reason, over time.

We have designed our firm to be a firm that can handle all of your investment, insurance and planning needs for your entire life. We strive to be multi-generational in planning, as that is what our clients are asking us to accomplish.

Whether you are young and just starting out with a few assets, or in the middle of your life, with usually great responsibilities, or nearing or in retirement, we have the expertise to shed some light on your situation.